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Dear Modi, Farmers are not kidding protests-listen them, they are sons of soil

Dear Modi, Farmers are not kidding protests-listen them, they are sons of soil.

Winning elections in a in a country with a badly fragmented splinter political groups and getting a parliamentary win is always not so tough by the cleverest of the politicians. But the administration and delivery of justice for all strata of masses certainly shows the real strength and sincerity of these political masters for the public they rule.In India,there seems to be real crisis in delivery of justice.

To seek justice from their rulers in New Delhi, protesting against new Farm Bills, braving winter chill, the farmers’ families mostly from Punjab (the main grain bowl of the nation) and other States are marching with their kin all in their tractor trolleys with rations for months and cooking arrangements. Already lacs of Punjabi farmers have reached there facing all odds of heavy concrete road blocks deliberately got put, daring the tear gas and water cannons by the police.

Notwithstanding, the poor intelligence instinct of the Indian Government’s understanding the simmering current of farmers unrest due to new farm bills, the protest so far is totally peaceful and protesting farmers have not done any harm to the public property despite provocation and indifference to their demands.

Traffic blockade around New Delhi is giving terrible experience to those who are struck midway, but all this shows the stupidity of the Government which seems to have deliberately allowed this to happen by singling out farmers and apparently pitching them against general public which does not gauge the pains of farmers’ unrest. Farmers are worried about their future as they fear corporates onslaught. Farm Bills lack clarity, they argue.

Dear Modi, please hear them out –The Farmers Mann Ki Baat(Listen to what they think about your bills). Already it is too late. Please do not ditch Punjab and other agrarian states.


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