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Farmers’ protests and concerns be addressed urgently with sincere solutions—Prof. V D Chandwani

Farmers’ protests and concerns be addressed urgently with sincere solutions—Prof. V D Chandwani

Experience of protests of such a mammoth scale as of farmers agitation in India shows that, If an issue is not resolved at the initial stage and remains unsolved, it automatically passes into the hands of mischievous elements. Hot heads take control and many other vested interests start fishing in troubled waters. This is what the nation is worried about in view of delay in resoving the matter. The farmers’ agitation is still in saner hands, but many undesirable elements may try to hijack it. Neither of the party involved should stand on false prestige and must urgently find an amicable solution.

No problem comes without a solution. We must be sincere to reach that solution. We should never forget that this is only agriculture which  is sustaining a populous country like India. If interests of this sector are ignored, the country is bound to suffer. Agriculture in India is a way of life. If this sector is once destroyed, it can never be restored.

Any unsavory incident during the agitation should be avoided. All political parties without any exception have their own axes to grind. They are always prone to add fuel to the fire. However, the Government in power has a duty to restore the dignity of hard working farming community.

Let the political establishment/s must keep in mind the words of Oliver Goldsmith.

“Princes or lords

may flourish or may fade.

A breath can make them,

as a breath has made.


But a bold peasantry,

their country’s pride,

when once destroyed,

can never be supplied.”

Let us all endeavor  for the best solution of the stalemate.

-Prof. V D Chandwani*

*The writer is a retired professor of English.He is an Alumni of the premier institution Satish Chander Dhawan Government College, Ludhiana (India).He did  his postgraduation in English from this Alma Mater under Punjab University.

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