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Soul mates and Twin Souls  -Aanya Shroff 

Soul mates and Twin Souls  –Aanya Shroff

The supreme state of human love is the unity of one within two bodies.” Sri Aurobindo

There is much confusion about soul mates and twin souls or twin flames. Very often these two terms have been used synonymous but they are not synonymous at all. One can have many soul mates in one birth but one has only one twin soul or twin flame. Many many years ago during the time of evolution many souls were created as light from the one Super Soul(God).

These Souls or Atmas were destined to be human souls in form of a male and a female. God Himself is a combination of the male and female “Ardhnareshwar”. Even though they were created as two genders shared one soul and complete each other. The concept of two souls merging into one is twin soul. All souls were given a purpose and as we grew away from the purpose we grew apart. That does not mean we have half souls now, it means we are complete within ourselves but are incomplete as the ONE SOUL.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.– Aristotle ….some 2500 years ago

 We all are spiritual beings and have to go back to that Source eventually.

The return is only possible when we complete our original package that is we reconnect with our other twin. It is not an easy process. The day we get back together there will be intense rush of energies and there will be awakening leading to our oneness with the Super Soul. In simple words our twin soul relationships will awakens both of us, to our true selves because it is a relationship between souls that are mirror reflections of each other. There is only one journey that can help us find our twin soul and that is the transition from a human being to a soul being as, a body is only the vehicle for the soul. There are many roads to this destination and we choose the one that we can commit.

Soul Mates on the other hand involve a mate to our soul or in easy language it is lovers or a couple who are in wedlock. We chose our soul mates as a person who is compatible with us in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity. A soul mates relationship is created to support each other as during lifetime since many incarnations.  With a soul mates one grows in the dimensions of health, psychological, material, sexual or sometimes spiritual. When we find we are not compatible with one soul mate we divorce or move forward to find another and another if needed. So there can be many soul mates but all these events are channelising towards the seek of the twin soul in conscious or subconscious state.

The twin flames are the north and south of each other, they are the ying and yang who make a complete. There is unconditional love between the two. They may be totally different personalities but their energies meshes and believe it you will know it and feel it when you meet yours. The relationship is so intense and pure that it feels you are looking into a mirror, you know when the other is happy or sad  to the point you know what the other person is thinking. It is like telepathy or psychic connection. Ones pain will bring tears in your eyes and you can feel his or her pain within you even if you are very far away.

When you meet your twin flame there will be a sudden familiarity and a knowingness and sense of feeling complete. There can be many soul mates but there can only be one divine counterpart. Many times the attraction to the soul mate is unique too but that is because the soul mates know each other from another life but the twin mates or flames know each other from the beginning of time. Soul mates are there for our personal growth but twin flames are to take us towards the journey of returning home. With soul mates, you feel that you have met the person before but with a twin flame you will feel as you are meeting yourself with a fresh prospective and love.

Remember, all relationships serve a purpose and should be honored and appreciated for whatever they have to offer. That offering will be an asset in our personal and spiritual growth. Always think positive in terms that everything that we are enduring in our present relationship pain, sorrow, love or abuse is carrying us forward towards our final destination. Just pray that your efforts are honoured and your soul meets the one it constantly misses and longs for so that you can be Him within Him ….Soham!


ALL CREDITS(BLOG) :  Aanya Shroff   

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