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23rd March, youthful Trio’s martyrdom should instil our faith in our present day youth.

23rd March, youthful Trio’s martyrdom should instil our faith in our present day youth.

The 23rd March,1930  martyrdom day of  Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev  should  keep reminding us all about the sacrificing spirit of these young men who faced all odds united to defeat British imperialist designs of oppression by rising above all division of casts and creeds. Their martyrdom should stir the conscience of politicians of the day who should honestly take a cue for serving the nation best if they all really wish and swear by our Constitution of India post independence in 1947. Martyrdom of this revered martyrs trio is always close to youthful hearts in Punjab and elsewhere across India.

Our youth are a national asset:

Present day youth is bewildered as it foresees a bleak future for themselves when they find dichotomy and dishonesty in word and deeds of not only politicians but of all those who yield influence on youthful minds in our schools and colleges and also at our religious places of worship. Unfortunately, we all have selfish agendas to fulfill forgetting the common agenda of national welfare which was the crux of thought process of this trio of martyrs as they wanted not only emancipation from foreign rule but beyond that –hoping for a just and a equitable society in a free India. The communal cards being played by the leaders and elders has fractured our society requiring urgent repair of social fabric lest it keeps us torn and divided further as was done by British Imperialists.

Here is a quote from Bhagat Singh’s Write-up (October,1930)- ‘Why I am an Atheist ?

“…I tell you that the British rule is not there because God willed it but for the reason that we lack the will and courage to oppose it. Not that they are keeping us under subjugation with the consent of God, but it is with the force of guns and rifles, bombs and bullets, police and militia, and above all because of our apathy that they are successfully committing the most deplorable sin, that is, the exploitation of one nation by another….”.

So, dividing our youth on cast and religion lines will only fritter away their energies in useless controversies and shall promote sectarianism which our martyrs always despised. Our schools and colleges have greater responsibility where teachers can weave a common brotherhood for the nation through youth as envisaged by our martyrs so that we shun indifference to common national issues like corruption and communalism in the society.

Martyr Bhagat Singh was above expectation of any reward in his lifetime and he did not expect any reward in heaven post his death through hanging. There is another quote from his writing:

“….  If I take the courage to take the matter in the light of ‘Reward’, I see that a short life of struggle with no such magnificent end shall itself be my ‘Reward.’  That is all. Without any selfish motive of getting any reward here or in the hereafter, quite disinterestedly have I devoted my life to the cause of freedom? I could not act otherwise. The day shall usher in a new era of liberty when  a  large  number of  men  and  women, taking courage from  the  idea  of  serving humanity and  liberating them  from  sufferings and  distress, decide that  here  is  no alternative before them except devoting their lives for this cause. …”

Let the youth be encouraged to read and discuss

Country is passing through challenging times as the democratic values are getting demeaned due to the majoritycracy in our legislatures and parliament. A study of life and times of this Trio Martyrs and their compatriots reveals that they discussed issues, challenges and solutions extensively in their groups and evolved consensus shedding their egos and by respecting strengths of others in their group in their mission to give a jolt to tyrant British regime.

In 1922, when Sukhdev chose to study in National College, Lahore which was started by the revolutionary Lala Lajpat Rai, Bhagat Singh too joined there. The college library was replete with the books on nationalism, history, politics and revolutionary movements of the world. Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev discussed and debated for hours the historic revolutions of the world in their rented room. In September, 1928 Sukhdev was entrusted with the responsibility of organising revolutionary activities in Punjab when Naujawan Bharat Sabha was formed and organised countrywide. Sukhdev was strongly trusted for his organisational skills as a master mobiliser as he monitored minute details of the plans till execution. Bhagat Singh is also said to have kept reading the historical books on revolutionary movements in his cell till the last hours of his hanging.

It becomes incumbent upon parents and teachers to inculcate habit of reading good books in the teenagers since early age. True, no parent will ever wish their ward to die, but at least all wish children to excel to fame and success in life. Love of written word in good books for these Martyrs groomed and blossomed them to martyrdom for a cause so dear to them. All these martyrs were also good writers too.

Give youth their space

Youthful minds are always revolutionaries. Our youth of today too is certainly capable to give us solutions to complex societal issues which should invoke in us our faith in our youth. Let the youth be given their deserved space to think and reflect. Let our school text books carry the sublime vision of martyrs without giving them a cast or a religion tag. Debates and discussions on martyrs’ vision be encouraged   in schools and colleges.

Last but not the least, let us not allow the unbridled international drug lords and their conduits to surreptitiously ruin youthful lives by hooking them to drugs. Elders and political power corridors have a greater responsibility towards youth.

Brij Bhushan Goyal, A Sr. citizen and a social activist

Brij Bhushan Goyal, is an Alumnus of SCD Govt.College, Ludhiana

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