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Remembering Martyrs on 112th Anniversary: From College Campuses

It is good that some passionate teachers have given to the youthful students revealing information about Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s thought and his martyrdom   to understand the sacrifice of Martyr Trio in true perspective.

Professor Dr. P S Bhogal :

He gives rare historical memories of TRIO’s Martyrdom and about Shaheed Bhagat  Singh’s interest in reading literature about revolutions as Mr Bhogal informs us that ,in fact, Bhagat Singh  was an inspiration  from his family  itself through Ajit Singh (Of Pagri  Sambhal Jatta Movement fame well before Bhagat Singh was born ).He very vividly informs about Bhagat Singh’s transition from a  nationalist to becoming a socialist revolutionary because of his study of world literature about revolutionary thinkers and revolutions .It was interesting to listen from speaker the difference between a rebellion and a revolutionary in Bhagat Singh’s context. It is really revealing .This should interest new generation a must.

Principal. T L Bahia (2nd speaker):

Principal Bahia’s  explanation about the title ‘  SHAHEEDEI  AZAM  ’ is really appreciable. He has rightly lamented that we have confined our martyrs to STATUES only and we only worship them like of idle worship method but do not understand and appreciate the thought process  of martyrs He very nicely explained that Bhagat Singh was not trigger hungry/bombs’ admirer ,but he believed in floating ‘thought revolution’. Prof. Bhaia informs about Bhagat Singh’s article in ‘Kirti’ magazine where Bhagat Singh talks of communal unity in freedom struggle –there  is a lesson for new   generation politicians who are dividing society on communal lines .Prof. Bahia’s revelation that Bhagat Singh before going to gallows asked for his FOOD from only a DALIT FAMILY household –this is quite  encouraging about  our martyrs .This should give good food for thought to all those who think of humanity’s welfare.

Prof. P K Sharma (3rd Speaker):

Prof. Sharma’s describing Bhagat Singh as not only a revolutionary but also a visionary is inspiring about the Martyr as he was passionately attached with humanity. Sharma’s describing Bhagat Singh as a voracious reader (which made him a forceful writer also) was also very interesting and informative. Certainly we should not miss the richness in  our history about martyrs  which is in books written  by them and on them ,Prof. Sharma gives the right call .

Principal Dr Kuldip Singh (4th Speaker) :

He has rightly said that Bhagat Singh cannot be confined to any particular cast or creed as is being projected by many selfish communalists who wish to divide society. Resp. Principal rightly invokes Bhagat Singh’s writings so that we can understand why revolutions are necessary and also ensure that they remain in right direction  as envisaged by Bhagat Singh.

Important Note :

All Credits to worthy speakers and Sharp Eye Channel  

Complete intellectual satisfaction will be gained by listening to the SHARP EYE’s video only :

 Prof PK Sharma is Freelance Journalist, Associate Professor of English(Retired),
BARNALA (Punjab) who hosts SHARP EYE .

Prof.Sharma has been a alumnus of SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana.



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