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Re- Defining INDIA On This Auspicious Baisakhi Day-Opender Chanana

Re- Defining INDIA On This Auspicious Baisakhi Day-Opender Chanana

We celebrate this auspicious day in India and call it by various names.

To all those who still do not understand that we are multi cultural, linguistic and multi religious nation, let me tell them that I am from North but can’t live without my delicious south Indian delicacies in Mumbai.

I visit Mount Mary to be ONE with my mother and I am ONE with my friends whenever they celebrate EID.

And Kolidwada and Dadar’s Gurudwara is the place where I feel soul food is served to all irrespective of their status.

I feel deeply attached to loved ones in their daily path.

I reach out to savor the culture of each state by way of their food. I feel ONE with all of them.

That is how I feel I am INDIAN.

To all my friends, colleagues, loved ones and special ones I beseech them to celebrate the concept of INDIA

——Opender Chanana


Mr. Chanana is also an alumnus of Satish Chander Dhawan Government College,Ludhiana-India.This premier institution completes t’s 100th year of establishment.

Mr. Chanana makes Film Documentaries in Mumbai and his documentary,  LIVING ON THE EDGE-
GLAMORIZING BOLLYWOOD depicting poor plight of cine workers has been rewarded globally with 337 awards till date ,thus recognising issues raised by him.

Kudos to Opender Chanana for his relentless efforts for  cause so dear to him.


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