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The killer pandemic,What A scary demon it is !—From Prof.Ashok Kapoor’s desk

From the Desk of Prof.Ashok Kapoor:

The Killer Pandemic
What a scary demon it is,
strangling the tender veins of humans,
the world over,
ringing the alarm bells of an apocalypse !
The killer pandemic surges and dips,
dips and surges in waves,scary 
eluding medics with its varied strains deceptive,
hoodwinking all with its guiles and tricks,
leaving mankind in shallows of agony and anguish.

The roads look deserted,
the streets wear the cloak of desolation,
except the occasional twitter of warblers in the foliage,
dismayed at the wide expanse of gloom,
weird and sinister,
hanging all around ,
with no cheer and glee,
no hustle and bustle,
no stir and motion,
in the backdrop of blue welkin.
It seems as if humans have fled into their retreats,
daring not to step out,
to withstand the fury and scourge of the dreaded killer.

There is the thick pall of fright and mistrust,
enveloping locales and lodges,
spurning victims as untouchables,
except some brave hearts,
the frontline Covid warriors,
who are raring to heal the patients,
at the grave risk to their own lives.
Hail these gallant soldiers ,
who are busy day and night ,
in applying balm on the lacerated wounds of gasping humanity,
groaning and moaning,
under the brunt of the fatal virus,
threatening to snuff out the flame of life.
Let us hail these saviours,
as many of their compatriots ,
have also succumbed to the raging pestilence.

The river of sorrow is flowing on,
with willows wailing and crickets chirping,
bearing the heavy load
of orphans’tears and sobs,
the irreparable loss of lives and livelihoods.
The remorseless Time is also rolling on ,
regardless of the grieving mankind,
pitted against an indifferent universe.

Ashok Kapoor

Prof. Ashok Kapoor has been an illustrious alumnus of SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana-India.He  also taught English  for scores of years in  PG department  of this premier college  which has completed its 100 years   in 2020.

Always proud of our Alumni. —- 

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Sunil Chopra June 8, 2021 at 1:25 pm

What a composition!
Prof.Kapoor, kudos for choosing the choicest words and doing complete justice with the theme of the poem .


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