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It will be interesting and revealing to pen a brief summary of A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TECHNICIAN/WORKER. They have been kept outside the ambit of any pro labor legislation passed by successive Central and State Governments since independence.  The three vital issues concerning the health and qualitative growth of our entertainment industry hinges on Safety, Security and Shelter.

(Above Pic if of a technician -donning many hats. A cracker explodes and results in serious injury to his hand  who was not supposed to do the job on the sets.  Became immobile and required several surgeries.)

  1. Slogs for more than fifteen hours on the sets since daily soaps have become the norm and deadlines have to be strictly adhered to and minimum number of episodes canned n stored in the bank.
  2. Spends anywhere between 2-3 hours in commuting from sets to home and back.
  3. Hits the bed on reaching home. No time to interact with family.
  4. Complies with excessive workload demands or conflicting expectations on behalf of Producers/Channels.
  5. Has no access to recreational facilities.
  6. On certain days works at a stretch for twenty to twenty five days without a break or a holiday.
  7. No social life.
  8. Works in an environment that poses a grave threat to his or her health and safety.
  9. Due to conflicting and uncertain job expectations, too much responsibility, and too many hats to wear is caught in difficult, seemingly no-win and ultimately stressful situations during the course of his or her work day.
  10. Cannot demand wages for the fear of losing his/her job. There are too many waiting in the queue to step into his or her shoes.
  11. And last but not the least has no access to any funding/aid for health, insurance, housing and training for up gradation of technical skills.

(In the pic is a upset technician in a pensive mood)

It is only when the status of an industry is granted that thousands of technicians and workers whose contribution to the exponential growth cannot be undermined can lead a productive, healthy and stress free life like their counterparts in the organized sector.

(Workers/technicians take food in an un-cozy environment )

I wish the delegation that will be meeting Prime Minister Of India,  will voice the concerns, aspirations and hopes of this workforce other than sharing their concerns about taxation and other allied problems faced by Producers.  Ideally speaking a delegation of technicians and workers should make a representation to the Prime Minister so that for them too the slogan ‘ACHCHE DIN AANE WALE HEI’ is applicable…..



Mr. Chanana is  an alumnus of Satish Chander Dhawan Government College,Ludhiana-India.This premier institution completes t’s 100th year of establishment.

He has been associated with Drama- and Cinema right since college days and was also awarded college colour then. 

Mr. Chanana makes Film Documentaries in Mumbai and his documentary,  LIVING ON THE EDGE-
DEGLAMOURIZING BOLLYWOOD depicting poor plight of cine workers has been rewarded globally with 350 plus awards till date ,thus recognising issues raised by him.     Kudos to Opender Chanana for his relentless efforts for a cause so dear to him.

( Administrator: Brij Bhushan Goyal with Team :  is thankful to Opender for writing for causes of workers/technicians of Bollywood)


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Heerkani Bhosle June 21, 2021 at 6:01 pm

Ideally speaking a delegation of technicians and workers should make a representation to the Prime Minister so that for them too the slogan ‘ACHCHE DIN AANE WALE HEI’ is applicable…..
1) In context to this said,,, who do you think is ideal to bring this into action.
Given a chance who is ready to own up this issue as a real issue anyway.

If someone brings it up or raises a concern he or she is shunned out and has to bear the brunt of the consequences following.

2) What could be a solution to this rather to stop such attitude towards these utterly important yet neglected bunch of people of the industry.

Sadhana June 22, 2021 at 12:01 pm

Opender, you have done sterling service by raising a voice for the voiceless! !. The unorganised sector and labour are slowly coming under the radar of the Govt. by way of Insurance and medical cover.
But we are a long way yet.

Your journey with them is arduous but will bear fruit.
How is this issue of technician protection handled in Hollywood. ??
I am sure you have proposed their model to the Cinema Artists’ Association in india ??

I can only see your blazoningle torch and know that it will be seen.

Hardeep kaur BHATIA June 22, 2021 at 3:53 pm

Opender, ji you have done a great service by raising a voice for the voiceless! !!! We are proud of you and for your selfless efforts!! !! This 350 plus awards are truly an unprecedented achievement…… I have been a witness to your long struggle to be the lone VOICE OF MILLIONS OF VOICELESS WORKFORCE OF BOLLYWOOD and this documentary is a result of your pursuing relentlessly the goal of providing social security to them. … God bless! Regards

Stanley John Dsouza June 23, 2021 at 8:48 am

Opender ji you have done a superb service by raising the problems of the technicians in the film industry. We are proud of you for your selfless efforts. Your documentary is a result of your relentless efforts of providing social security for our worker’s. God bless you always.

Rippie kaur June 23, 2021 at 12:13 pm

I am sure now that LIVING ON THE EDGE-DEGLAMOURIZING BOLLYWOOD has made people aware in more than 20 States in India and has become more relevant with passing time, has created AWARENESS and ANGER over the working conditions of such a large workforce of Bollywood which finds it difficult to make ends meet. Its also shocking that successive Governments have never come forward to Accord them the STATUS OF INDUSTRY which would have entitled them access to SOCIAL SECURITY. They have more contribution in making thousands of hours of content. You seem to be a LONE WARRIOR. God Bless!


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