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North Zone Cultural Centre pays tributes at Shaheed Sukhdev’s memorial site at Nau-Ghara, Ludhiana. Historians, Poets, Teachers share vital info in presence of eminent poet Gurbhajan Singh Gill who presided.

North Zone Cultural Centre pays tributes at Shaheed Sukhdev’s memorial site at Nau-Ghara, Ludhiana. Historians, Poets, Teachers share vital info in presence of eminent poet Gurbhajan Singh Gill who presided.

Ludhiana 15th May:

Nau-Ghara vicinity in Ludhiana remained abuzz with patriotic fervour for whole of the day .Havan,Shabad Gayan, Tiranga Yatra, Visits  of Cultural Minister,Punjab with Ludhiana Administration’s  key officials, Deputy Commissioner, Police Commissioner and all the MLAs of the city and rural Ludhiana remained key highlights for the first half of the day.

However, the evening fervour was no less-courtesy North Zone Cultural Centre participating whole heartedly too. North Zone Cultural Centre’s programme officer Ravinder Kumar Sharma supervised the evening programme which was presided by Gurbhajan Gill.

Gurbhajan Gill, Shrimoni Sahitkar recites his poetry :

Gurbhajan Gill, Shrimoni Sahitkar, an eminent Punjabi poet presided over the evening assembly for tributes to this great Shaheed Sukhdev. While sharing his interaction with Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s mother Smti. Vidya Wati, he recalled how she told him about Mata Ralli Devi -mother of Shaheed Sukhdev’s close affinity with the families of these great martyrs. Bhagat Singh’s grandfather S .Arjan Singh and father S. Kishan Singh had close friendship with Lala Achint Ram (Taya Ji) of Shaheed Sukhdev .Gurbhajan Gill told that it was shared by Bhagat Singh’s mother to him that Bhagat Singh was more of emotional kind but Shaheed Sukhdev had a logical powerful brain. While both studied at National College , Lahore, Martyr they had rented a room wherein Matta Ralli Devi used to take care of the young revolutionaries .

Gill told that great teachers had always written scripts of revolutions and so was the atmosphere provided in National College, Lahore which was established by Punjab Kesri Lala Lajpat Rai for instilling nationalistic fervour in the youth of the day who could work for freedom movement. The role of college Principal Chhabeel Dass and teacher Jai Chand Vidyaalankar remained in leading the young men getting hooked to books was very important. He also informed that the young revolutionaries were extensive readers. Gurbhajan Gill recited his chicest poems on Martyrdom of this great Trio who were hanged to death by the Britishers together being one soul.

Gill ,however,  appealed that we should read authentic history books about our martyrs.

Historian Dr.Manju Malhotra:


Pic : Organisers honoring DC Ludhiana Surbhi Malik and Historian Manju Malhotra

Punjab University’s eminent historian and writer Dr. Manju Malhotra(Retd.) also known as Manju Verma shared many a unknown facts about revolutionaries activities in Lahore .She told that she met famous Durga Wati , during her life time and got first hand information about activities of Martyr Trio of Bhagat Singh , Rajguru and Sukhdev. She was a compatriot of these young revolutionaries.

Dr Malhotra was fully convinced about the important role played by Punjabi Women in the support and struggle of Indian freedom movement as initiated by young martyrs in their own way.

She told that she has already given a well-researched book in 2004-THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT IN PUNJAB. She spoke about Mata Ralli Devi and Mata Vidya Wati’s sacrifices also along with those of their martyred sons.

Principal Dr Pardeep Kumar:

Dr . Pardeep Kumar, Principal of Sr Sec.School Kila Raipur who is also shortly publishing a well-researched  book on TRIO’s martyrdom said that all revolutionaries were convinced about the agility and  organisational capacity of Shheed Sukhdev who remained mastermind in giving guidelines to the revolutionaries  for executing their tasks.

Patriotic Songs  ;

Karamjit Singh Grewal of Govt. High School Kheri who wrote a very emotional poem on Sukhdev sang the poem in a very melodious voice at the beat of harmonious musical instruments.

Grewal in the morning compered the programme at jampacked Guru Nanak Bhavan when the minister Harjot Kamal came to pay tributes along with MLAs too . His rich literary touch got all the praise.

Brij Bhushan Goyal spoke a couplet written by Principal B S Sajjad:

Naya Aalam Banane Ko Naye Ansar Nahi Aate, Yahi Mitti Ubharti Hei,Yehi Jarrei Sanwartei Hein

Famed Lokgeet Singer Mohammad Irashad enthralled the audience with nationalist fervor songs.

Others , who made the occasion special in the evening were Ashok Thapar, Chairman All India Shaheed Sukhdev Trust, Brij Bhushan Goyal, Tribhuvan Thapar, Ranjodh Singh(of G S Auto) ,Manoj Kumar and Sarpanch Jagdishpal Singh Grewal from Daad village among many others .


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Dr.Sunil Chopra May 16, 2022 at 6:36 am

Very Incisive and informative write up.

The Global Talk May 16, 2022 at 7:07 am

We need to keep remembering the martyrdom of our young people in freedom struggle.


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