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Remembering The Galwan Heroes — Home they Brought her  Warrior Dead

Home they Brought her  Warrior Dead

 Governments both the States and GOI fail to remember The Galwan Heroes. Governments are spending crores in advertisements to carry on their personal /party agendas in the newspapers and TV Media . Galwan Heroes should have been remembered befittingly.

 As a tribute here are two poems from famous poets as a tribute.

Ist Poem :

Home they Brought her Warrior Dead– BY ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON

 Home they brought her warrior dead:

         She nor swoon’d nor utter’d cry:

All her maidens, watching, said,

         “She must weep or she will die.”


Then they praised him, soft and low,

         Call’d him worthy to be loved,

Truest friend and noblest foe;

         Yet she neither spoke nor moved.


Stole a maiden from her place,

         Lightly to the warrior stepped,

Took the face-cloth from the face;

         Yet she neither moved nor wept.


Rose a nurse of ninety years,

         Set his child upon her knee—

Like summer tempest came her tears—

         “Sweet my child, I live for thee.”

   2nd Poem of Sahir Ludhianvi

 Delay the war, it is better

Your yard or mine,

If the lights stay on, it is better


The blood be your own or foreign

It is the blood of Adam, after all

The war, it may be in the west or east

It is the murder of world peace, after all.


The war itself is a bitter blight

How then will it alleviate any affliction?

The blood and fire will today be merciful

But tomorrow will be starved, insufficient.


Is it necessary, that streaming blood

Be evidence of your superiority?

To dispel the darkness of your own home

Is it necessary to incinerate someone else’s city?


Bombs might shower on houses or borders

They destroy the soul of an edifice;

The land that burns, be yours or foreign

All lives will writhe in indigence.


The tanks might charge, they might retreat

The womb of the earth is left infertile

Exult in victory or grieve in defeat

Life will lament a loss that was futile


For that I implore, my blameless mortals

Delay the war, it is better

Your yard or mine,

If the lights stay on, it is better

 Translated by Vatsala Peshawaria.


  Compiled by –Brij Bhushan Goyal –A Sr. Citizen &  A Social Activist

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