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Mission Solidarity to save Punjab rivers from pollution.Water Warriors Punjab-PAC Mattewara Jungles, River Satluj, and Buddha Darya Join Hands

Mission Solidarity to Synergies and Building Strength on Multiple Fronts to Save Water

1 Public Action Committee Mattewara Jungles, River Satluj, and Buddha Darya extended their hands-on Mission Solidarity to synergies’ efforts to save water bodies from pollution and to save water as such on multiple fronts. Water Activists of PAC and BDAF reached out to meet volunteers of Water Warriors Punjab, working to stop the pollution of River Satluj, every Sunday, on GT Road Bridge, Phillaur near Laddowal Toll Plaza. There was an interaction session of all volunteers while on the move and also while standing astride on both sides of the bridge, along with the carrying out of their awareness drive to stop pollution and water conservation with the passers-by in the conventional manner.

2 PAC and BDAF activists reached River Satluj Bridge at 08.00 AM and continued interaction session along with exchange of views till 09.30 AM with most of the water activists from Phagwara and Ludhiana, proving complete synergies of Human Efforts of Doaba and Malwa on the critical water issues affecting the people of Punjab. It was a very positive environmental session. Members of another organization from Gurdwara Singh Sabha (Registered), New Ashok Nagar of Salem Tabri, Ludhiana on Green Mission, also joined us at the Satluj Bridge today.

3 Views were exchanged on the criticality of pollution of Buddha Darya, River Satluj, Subsoil Water, and Water Bodies, along with the most critical issue of water stress, which the state is facing now. The meeting was held on the northern bank of River Satluj near a temple situated there.

4 PAC feels strongly about the water pollution near the banks of the River being done daily, by the people believing in astrological and religious myths. They need to be properly guided and checked. We request the religious heads and respectable astrologers to ensure Clean sanctity by their devotees. People must ensure not to throw any items, especially plastic into the river. People feel feeding fish in the river is a pious thing. But River Satluj doesn’t have any fish in existence due to pollution of its water from the discharged chemicals, heavy metals, acids, etc. through Bhattian STP channel, Phillaur.

5 PAC requests the State Government and the administration to create separate Ghat on the Southern Bank between the rail and old bridge approach road and near Temple existing on the northern bank of the river, with water diversion for such religious activities. The water can be treated on a regular basis by CETPs and STPs and further released into the main steam of the river, after proper treatment. These Ghats can be structured with due care of safety, cleanliness, and administrative support. Both sites can be commercialized by the administration, along with the provision of deployment of necessary staff. Due care must be taken, with the provisions of boats, ambulances, and health care centers. These sites can be developed into religious tourism spots on both banks.

6 PAC feels it is necessary for surface water flowing in different streams to be explored and utilized in the best form for consumption and various activities without causing any pollution or damage to the ecology of the water bodies. It is really amazing to see two big water-based consumption universities located astride Sidhwan Canal, not indulging in the use of surface water flowing in the close vicinity. They are still completely dependent on Subsoil Water. The need of the hour is to work on the modalities to create a net of channels to provide surface water supply for cultivation and for use of treated water for the consumption of humans and animals in both PAU and GAVDASU. The same should be also utilized for research work and recharging Subsoil as well.

7 The team was led by S. Gurpreet Singh Plaha, an eminent social activist and formed by Baby Japleen Kaur, Anita Sharma,
Amanpreet Kaur,
Manpreet Kaur, Balbir Singh Bhikhi, Jaspreet Singh, Amandeep Singh,
Dr. Manjit singh LPU, Satvir Singh, Jaskaran Singh PAU,
Balkar Singh, Kriti,
Imran Khan, Lovepreet Kaur,
Khushpreet Kaur, Gagandeep Singh, Bunty,
Aditya, Ricky, Gursewak Singh, Harjot Kaur, Harkirat Kaur, Sukhpreet Kaur,
Simpreet, Advocate Shripal Sharma, Advocate Yogesh Khanna, Advocate Ravinder Singh Arora, Manjinder Singh Grewal, Gurpreet Singh Palaha, Sukhwinder Singh Goldy, Dan Singh Oshan, Mahinder Singh Sekhon, Maninderjit Singh Benipal, and Col. CM Lakhanpal.

8 Gurpreet Singh laid emphasis on the need to work hard cohesively and to act in tandem on multiple fronts to deal with the ever aggravating situations on the issues of water pollution, water shortage, flood and rain water harvesting, conservation, and recharging of subsoil. He also laid emphasis on the need to create belts of forests astride all the water bodies, especially astride Buddha Darya and River Satluj. He recommended to the government to create Ecological Task Force for taking care of environmental growth of River Satluj, in the form of Ecological TA Battalion(s). This will exceptionally benefit Punjab, to meet the challenges of denuding of environmental resources. Subsequently, such task forces can be created for Rivers Beas and Ravi, and for promotion of Jungles, especially Mattewara, to gain multiple environmental growth and to promote Eco Tourism.

10 PAC extends invitation to all the participants to join us in the celebrations of the second anniversary of rejuvenation of Mattewara Jungles on 07 July (Sunday) 2024 near the Historical Gurdwara Sahib, on the southern bank of River Satluj, near Mattewara Jungles. Details of the event will be intimated later, along with the exact location. The details of Phase – 10 of BDP – 5 will be intimated soon.Everyone is requested to kindly join us.

Col CM Lakhanpal
Member PAC Mattewara Jungles, River Satluj, and Buddha Darya, Ludhiana. 94171 38044

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