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Warrior Moms From All Over The Country & Over 32 Cities So Far Urge Immediate Action To Curb Production Of Banned Single Use Plastics.

Warrior Moms From All Over The Country & Over 32 Cities So Far Urge Immediate Action To Curb Production Of Banned Single Use Plastics.

Ludhiana 08-07-2023

Warrior Moms from 5 cities of Punjab Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Khanna, Doraha and Chandigarh have written to Central Pollution Control Board regarding the fact that despite the ban imposed since 1st July 2022, single-use plastics continue to be available in the market, posing a threat to the environment and the health of citizens, particularly children.

The letter emphasizes the adverse impact of single-use plastics on the environment, wildlife, and human health. These non-biodegradable materials persist in ecosystems, clog drainage systems, pollute water bodies, and contribute to mounting landfills.

Scientific studies have also established the link between plastic pollution and health risks, including respiratory problems, endocrine disruption, and even carcinogenic effects. The recent finding of microplastics in breast milk has raised concerns among mothers.

To address this urgent issue, Warrior Moms have made the following requests to the Central Pollution Control Board -CPCB in Delhi:

  • Strengthen enforcement measures: Increase surveillance and monitoring efforts to identify manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors involved in the production and sale of banned single-use plastics. Strict penalties and fines should be implemented to deter non-compliance.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies: Forge partnerships with relevant authorities, such as local police departments and state pollution control boards, to ensure coordinated efforts in cracking down on the production and supply chains of banned single-use plastics.
  • Raise public awareness: Launch comprehensive awareness campaigns to educate the public about the detrimental effects of single-use plastics and promote sustainable alternatives. Encourage citizens and citizen groups, such as Warrior Moms, to report instances of non-compliance with the ban.
  • Support research and innovation: Allocate resources towards research and development of viable alternatives to single-use plastics, fostering innovation in the field of eco-friendly materials and packaging.
  • Strengthen recycling infrastructure: Invest in the development and expansion of recycling facilities and waste management systems, facilitating the proper disposal and recycling of plastic waste.

Warrior Moms firmly believe that by implementing these proactive measures, the Central Pollution Control Board can demonstrate its commitment to safeguarding the environment and protecting the health and well-being of citizens. They request acknowledgement of the letter and to be kept informed about the actions taken in response to their concerns.

 Additionally, the group of Warrior Moms based in Delhi has taken an active step to jolt the CPCB into action. They are collecting banned single-use plastics from various cities across the country and will be delivering them to the CPCB. This action aims to highlight the urgency of the situation and emphasize the need for immediate intervention to curb the production of banned single-use plastic . 

Warrior Moms Ritu Malhan from Ludhiana says , ” Single Use Plastics is an attempt to kill soil, water, air and ultimately suicidal for us, why hasn’t  the ban on Single Use Plastics been  implemented ?

Samita Kaur,  Warrior Mom campaign leader for Punjab says  “A year has passed by and we haven’t  seen  any implementation of a ban on Single Use Plastics especially  in small towns  of Punjab  like Doraha and Samrala where the population is less than 40,000. The harmful toxins released by chemicals in Plastic is worrisome. What sort of world are we leaving for our children? My question is why the delay in implementation ? ”

Puneet  Kaur from Khanna who is a mother of 2 children says,  “The plastic bag is a death bag for all living beings.  As a mother I’m concerned that Single Use Plastic is choking our mother earth.  ”

Alisha Bansal, a warrior mom who also runs an NGO in Chandigarh by the name of Late Sh. V.K. BANSAL CHARITABLE TRUST where she Recycles used milk packets says, ” I am doing my bit as a concerned citizen by recycling plastics,  promoting use of cloth bags and holding  awareness  campaigns against Single Use Plastics. We want strict implementation  against  Single Use Plastics ”

Dr. Navneet Bhullar from Jalandhar,  who’s NGO AGAPP has been  voicing her concern regarding Ban on Single Use Plastics. She says:  ” Being a doctor,  I cannot  ignore the fact that plastics are the major cause of various ailments.  Delaying  the implementation of  ban on SUP shows  the lack of interest of not just the local government but also the state government as their is a rampant use of plastics.”

Rajit Powar,who is a retired PCS officer, intellectual,  writer , philanthropist and psychologist has been actively  speaking, holding protests along with Warrior Moms and Mein Punjabi against  ban on Single Use Plastics especially. She says, ” Plastic equals poison. Stop poisoning your children and earth. Stop using plastic.”



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